Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 5 Day 1 and Muddy Buddy

It has been a really long day, so I will start out with the good. I was in Dallas, on business, and dropped by the state park that is hosting the Muddy Buddy. Here is a picture of the terrain for the bike portion of the event. I will definitely need a mountain bike. Where are the paved roads or the dirt paths that I am accustomed to riding? This is full of rocks and hills and rocks. Did I mention rocks? Well, Dallas is 5 hours away so we can't train on this trail. We are looking for some in the area. However, the Gulf Coast is pretty flat so I will have to do the Kemah bridge for hill work.

Now the bad. I went to the gym today for my consultation. We just joined the gym last week and the consultation is free. I found out that I am over 50% fat and that I can do 9 sit ups in sixty seconds, my cardio endurance is good and that my flexibility is poor. So basically, no surprises. My work on Couch to 5K has paid off. But I knew I was in poor shape...which is why I started C25K and why I joined a gym. I have spent the last month working on that and I have made some great improvements.
So why did this trainer talk to me as if I was a lazy a$$ and was pretty much hopeless?!?!? He was shocked at how well I did on the treadmill test. He waited for me to break down when he mentioned that I failed all the other tests and kept repeating over and over again "that" while pointing to my percentage of body fat, was too high, life threatening, really bad, horrible, scary and that I would have to change my eating habits. When I said I had started, he said, not enough and that it was hard and he wasn't sure I could do it. Say what? And he kept asking me if I was okay? OH, and after he spent 40 minutes telling me how horrible I ate and how fat I was, he decided not to do the fitness test. He said that I would fail and probably couldn't handle the results? Can't handle the results? I knew I wasn't fit. Why else would I join a gym? Nonsense...lets do the test....that is when I failed. Hey my measurements said I had failed and my physical tests said I had least I was consistent.
He kept saying over and over, "Geesh, you are taking the news pretty well. I expected you to break down and cry." I simply said, "No, why should I? I know where I stand, it is my fault and now I need to make some goals. But I already started that with Couch to 5k.
I finished my day with my W5D1 run. I did pretty well. I was able to complete the 5 minute runs. During my second run, I did stop for about 20 seconds. On my third run was better. I felt like stopping but I noticed I only had 14 seconds left so I continued. I even did a second short run after completing C25K ( I usually stay on the treadmill for about 10 minutes after it).
Here is how I did:
Duration: 38'50"
Distance: 2.11 miles
Average Pace: 18'23" minute mile
Calories burned: 401
Max HR: 171
Average HR: 154

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