Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 4 D2

Summer time. I love the sun and I love the heat. What I don't love is the scorching heat and the humidity that hangs in the air. Yes, it is Summer hear in Southeast Texas. And it is hot. I did the treadmill today, I mean tonight. I wasn't really gung ho about it. But you know that comfort zone I was talking about in my very first post? Well, it now includes running. However, I have come to realize that I prefer running to my own music.

Don't get me wrong, I love the prompts by Robert but I want my own music. I did well on my run...well I completed it. And I think I met my goal that I set for myself, 24 miles in 28 days. Ok, my goal thingamiggy may not say it, but I lost my Nike + and was not able to record one of my workouts. So I finished it but I don't get the recognition....bummer.

Here is how I did

Duration: 46 minutes
Distance: 2.17 miles
Average Pace: 21'07" minute mile
Average Heart rate: 149
Max Heart rate: 172
Calories burned: 412

I have converted to miles from km so that people can see and understand my pace. I keep hearing alot about pace on the Weight Watchers forums. How fast do you run? Do you consider me slow? How fast should I be going? Look, don't worry about others. You are unique. Remember that pep talk your parents gave you as child about being different and unique? Well it is true. I am 5'2" with short legs and I wear about a 75 pound weighted vest when I run. Okay, maybe it isn't a vest but more like a fluffy layer. These are not excuses, they are reality. My pace may not "Wow" some but they "wow" me. A few weeks ago I was stuck on Week 1 of C25K because I was scared to try to run 90 seconds. Now, I feel comfortable at 3 minutes and I am working on 5 minutes. Can I get an Amen?

All I am saying is listen to your body. If you are so winded that you can't catch your breath and feel as if you are going to pass out...slow down. This isn't a race to see who is the fastest. This is a life time journey to becoming more fit. You will brush your teeth or soak your dentures for the rest of your life. See running as part of that routine. If it isn't running, then maybe swimming, or golf, or cycling. But we just need to keep moving. You are going to quit or burn out if you don't learn to be patient with your body. You didn't get out of shape overnight, so don't expect to become fit overnight. But I promise, if you stick with it and be patient, you will begin to see changes. All of a sudden, stairs won't be so daunting, when you go get the mail, you won't become out of breath and so on. Remember those small changes and record them.


  1. You are starting off with a great attitude! I am STILL slow, and often have a hard time with that...until I look back over my logs for the last year and see how far I've really come! My goal is to just get to a 10 minute mile pace as my 'easy' pace. And even THAT is slow!

    I am 5'4", and have short legs too. I may never be a "speedy" 8 minute miler, but like you say, it's MY PACE, and it's certainly faster than I could do one year ago! I focus more on the endurance - 10 miles is still 10 miles I've run, regardless of how fast or slow, or how much walking I do or don't do.

    You are absolutely right to use the 'RPE' method also (Rate of Perceived Exertion). I didn't get a heart rate monitor until my third month of running, and I found out that I had been running WAY harder than I needed too. When I learned where my heart rate was supposed to be, I was like 'wow, I can do THIS'. Most runs should be at about 65 - 75% of your max heart rate. In my case, my max is 179, and 75% of that is just 134! However, I seem to hover on my easy runs right around 143, but it took some time before I found that 'sweet spot' of running effort. No huffing or puffing is EVER necessary and is counter-productive, especially because running too hard leads to injury with new runners.

    Keep up the good is a link also to another C25K runner I saw through another blog, but haven't had a chance to introduce myself to yet....

  2. Thanks Cyndi. I am going to have to mosey on over there.

  3. Amen sister!! I've learned to listen to my body over the past 9 weeks and can honestly say that I am amazed at what this body is actually capable of doing! I think your pace is just are consistently progressing...isn't it neat to realize our bodies true abilities??? Ran at the track yesterday...had my son's WHOLE football team and coaches right there watching me after their practice....I could have climbed under a about being out of my comfort zone!! The coaches were son even waved to me...and told me later about how protective of me he was...waiting for just one kid to say something out of line...isn't that sweet?? They wouldn't think of son is a very likable guy and I don't think any of them would disrespect him (or me) like that. It's pace truly picked up when I was in front of them...not because I wanted to seem like I was running fast....I just wanted to get out of that :)