Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello 200s!

I wish it was eventful. That as soon as I hit 200 miles on my Nike+ that bells and whistles started chiming or confetti was falling all around me but no, it didn't happen. We have an issue with a cat peeing where she shouldn't be peeing. She has decided the corner, where the TM stands, is the perfect spot to do her business. Thankfully, my husband was gracious enough to clean it up and do his best to keep her from peeing there again.

In any case, it is too cold and rainy for me to run outside. so I am stuck on the dreadmill. I don't like the dreadmill. When I was a teenager, I played varsity soccer. I loved soccer. I loved chasing the ball, passing it to other players and I think my favorite year was the one that I played goalie. Well, it was until I let every ball get pass me during a game, even the one that seems to crawl across the line...even I thought I was an idiot that day. Anyway, I digress. Well during the off season they required the soccer players to run track. Yeah, I wasn't going to do that. I saw no point to running around a track. Why run around a track to end up where you started? It just seemed inefficient. And I am all about efficiency aka I am lazy.

So you can imagine my struggle with standing in the same place for over 30 minutes, exerting all this effort and not moving one inch. Are you feeling me now? Fortunately, when I do it on my treadmill in the morning, I get to watch Holmes on Homes on HGTV. No volume required for this show. He walks around, knocking down wall, painting, rewiring and wahla new room. HMMMM yeah that is probably the only benefit.

I have started posting to the Weight Watchers HeavyWeight Runners thread in the Fitness Getting Started Forum. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I started posting to it again. It had died out some time in November and when it died so did my desire to run. But with new life in the thread, came new life in my running. I reallythink I need community. What is that saying from the 80's or 90's, "It takes a village?" Yeah that is me. It takes a village to keep this runner running.

It is so wonderful to see new people discovering their running legs. and all their trepidation about running so many minutes or in public. I have so been there. If you read my early posts, I ran on the treadmill because I was scared of the outside world Now I love the outside and struggle with the treadmill. I don't get nervous around other runners, I feel a since of community with them. Once you get into a rhythm of running on certain days and certain times, you will begin to recognize the faces of those who run at the same time. Now I am not saying you become like close family...more like distant cousins who smile and maybe say hi.