Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nike Mini Really Works

I was going to take the whole weekend off from running. I had a full schedule. It went something like this:

4:00 pm get off of work
4:15 make side dish for pot luck dinner
5:00 get dressed
6:00 get to dinner party and stay til past 1 in the morning

5:45 am get up for swim meet
7:00 am -1 pm---stay outside in 96 degree weather at swim meet

2-7 pm catch up on some sleep
7-10:30 go shopping for Fathers Day gifts

9 am church...I didn't go because I over slept
10 am yikes notice my Mini is talking smack about me
10:30 washed clothes, cooked breakfast, cleaned house
3:30 get on treadmill for only 30 minutes
4:15 cook for Fathers Day dinner
6:00 travel an hour to dinner
7-11pm visit with family then drive home
12-2am come home to a house full of diarrhea. One of my dogs was sick and did it everywhere

I say all that to say this....being busy is not an excuse to not work out. 30 minutes is all you need. I would not have learned that lesson if my Mini was not holding me accountable and was visible to all you guys. I would have just let the weekend go by without working out and I would have felt justified. Find something or someone to hold you helps.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you for getting it done! I have many days like that where I am tired or busy - especially if it's the end of the day and I HAVE to's hard, but sometimes I just make myself go on autopilot. There's nothing worse than a big ZERO in the running log!

    Good job!