Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shopping One Size Fits All

So, I had jury duty today and had to be downtown by noon. I live about 40 minutes outside of Houston and for whatever reason the Harris County Clerk feels it is necessary for me to drive 45 minutes, pay $5.50 for parking, sit down and then stand up and go home for $6.00. I know, I know, it is our civic duty but I am emotional right now. I am missing my Nike +.

Since, I usually work from home, I don't usually put on make up. So today I took out my make up bag and rummaged through all my eye shadows, lip sticks and glosses, eyeliners and all my tools. As I pulled one item after another out of my fairly large bag, I asked myself, "Why do you have so much make up?" You know why? Because it is truly One Size Fits All. So I can buy the same make up that the thin chicks can buy. I don't have to pay extra because it took extra material to make it. I didn't have to go to a special section of the make up counter because of how much I weigh. It is one thing I can do with joy. Well, that and buy bags.

But this running thing is changing me. I am a runner, darn it! And who cares what far corner they put clothes that fit me. It's just temporary and right now, in this skin, in this moment, I am beautiful.

I care less what others think. The first time I bought Runner's World Magazine was stressful. I was by myself and walked up to the counter with two magazines and I just knew, in my mind, that the clerk was looking at me like they look at my husband when he buys feminine items and think, "I know these are not for you." Now, I don't care. I pulled it out at the jury waiting room and read it...out loud. Kidding. I am changing, not going crazy.

I went this evening to look for a new Nike + but did not find one. I didn't run today which feels weird. It is like not brushing my teeth in the morning or evening. Again, an oddity for me, since I went months, dare I say years, without working out.

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  1. I can totally relate to feeling awkward not running...it has become a necessity in my life. Isn't it amazing the confidence running has given us? Who would have thunk it? I'm so sorry you haven't found your Nike +. Are they hard to find when you don't buy them with the shoes? You know that once you buy a new one...the old one will show up, right?? Keep your chin up...keep moving foward...and one of these days (soon I hope) we will be shopping in the front of the store......Kris :)