Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tonight was a good run...I ran with Kara Goucher

I know what you are saying. Either, "Say what?!" or "Who is that?". She came in third at the Boston Marathon 2009. Tonight I ran quite late so I did it on the treadmill. I usually put my TV on the Universal Sports Channel. Lately, it has been coverage of the Giro d'Italia. But tonight, to my surprise, it was the Boston Marathon. How awesome is that?

It is really late here in my neck of the woods. I'll either edit this one tomorrow or add a new one.

I don't know if you know this but you guys and my Weight Watchers Heavyweight friends run with me all the time. As I run, I think about things I have read on your blogs or comments made on the boards. I think about things I want to share with you and questions I have. I am going to have to use my Flip video while I run because I come up with all these things to tell you guys and I know I forget some of them.

On a happy note, I bought a new Nike +. All is right in my world.

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