Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pride and how it can hurt

I started running with a friend of mine. I have always ran alone so this is new to me. Little things stress me out so the idea of having to plan my run against someone else's schedule is stressful. It shouldn't be but it is for me. So yesterday I met her to run. I ran on Tuesday morning so I wasn't expected to run again until Thursday. I figured I would meet her and she would run and I would walk. No biggie, right? Wrong!

There were quite a few people on the trail. It was during a time that I normally don't run so there weren't any of my regular group of people that I see during the morning. Well my friend, not a skinny mini but not my size, started to run and I started to walk faster. And then I left my insecurities take control. I started to think everyone was looking at me and they were thinking, "Poor fat woman. She can't even run along with her friend. Well at least she is out here." Ok that kind of thinking is so wrong at so many levels. First, no one really cares about me running. They got their own thing going. Second, being a runner makes you no better than a walker. They are just different techniques. So, I need to stop acting like a running snob. And third, even if someone thought that way....who cares!?!?!?

Because I let my mind take over my body, I started to run. And I started to run faster than normal. And I paid the price. I woke up this morning and my legs were sore and I felt it in my knees. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! So learn from me, if you are just starting out, don't do too much. Take your rest days from running. Walk, ride your bike, weight train or swim on those days if you feel a need to move. But by no means do you run.


  1. Oh my gosh! This could so be me!!! I feel your pain, and just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I hope your legs and knees are feeling better.

  2. Hey You! I was wondering why I hadn't seen any blog posts from you! OK, I will check in here now and then! Great job on the health kick! I have been cutting back on some stuff in hopes of getting healthier but now I need to add exercise. UGH. ;) Hugs!