Thursday, September 10, 2009

Glutton for punishment

They say that a woman brought up in an abusive house, will stay with an abuser when she gets older. In some weird, wacked out way, that life is "normal" to her. Such is the case with my love affair with my Nike+. I grew up in my running world with it. I love my mini that is to the right of my blog. I love seeing the graphs. I love the cheers I receive when I do a PR or a longest run. I love being a member of the Nike+ community.

But it drives me nuts when my Nike+ ignores me. It doesn't record my run or acknowledge my longest run, as it didn't last weekend. Emotional abuse is what I am suffering. I try so hard to please my Nike+ but it just ignores me. Sure, there are times when I have it's undivided attention and it gives me tokens of affection. You know, my mini running over hurdles and saying how amazing I am. And I love those times. But lately, it's emotional detachment has me seeking affirmations in other places. Mapmyrun has become my sancho. But it doesn't fulfill me like my Nike+. So at the end of the day, I am left feeling empty.

So to the dismay of all my friends, that have heard me complain about the abuse I suffer at the hands of my Nike+, I am looking online at the new IPhone GS and Nano, with onboard Nike+. I imagine only the good times I will have it. I imagine running through the woods, just me and my Lovah...Nike+. With a gentle touch of my finger, he will tell me my current pace, distance and time.

I know, it is just a fantasy, but a girl can dream, can't she?


  1. I love my nike plus too, but hate it at the same time. What about spending your money on a garmin forerunner? They have the 305 for under 150 and it has the heartrate monitor and the gps....tracks current pace, distance, time, etc. That's what I'm asking for as a combo Christmas/Birthday present!

  2. That is a good idea but I love my mini. LOL

  3. Rozette, if you like the Nike +, and you use it with your ipod, I'd stay with it. I want a Garmin, but the thought of having one more thing one me, makes me a little wacky!