Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If I turn my head just so and lift my left foot

I don't know what it is about my allergies. I felt great this morning. I got up, ate some breakfast, sat at my computer and put in a mean 5 to 6 hours. Then it just hit me, the headache. And I was down for the count. I tool some meds in the afternoon and laid down.

About three hours later, the urge, the guilt of not running came over me. I got up and got out. Surprisingly it felt good. Sure I was a bit tired. I had not run since last Wednesday and that wasn't good. So I got dressed and ignored the pressure I felt when I looked down and off I went.

Now, go back to the very first post I ever did and it will say anyone who runs with pain or illness is just crazy. It states I am not that "kind" of runner. The fact that I was constantly aware of tilting my head just so and watching my foot steps contradicts that first post.

Ok feeling woozy again...back to bed. Ah yes Sudafed. Thanks Mr. F. I forgot about that wonderful medication.

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  1. Good girl for getting out there and running....so sorry you are feeling yucky...I'm dealing with the sinus issues as well....we will get through it...

    Isn't it funny that we've become "that" kind of runner. Many times I've hit the road while feeling under the weather...but as you've always said...bring the body and the mind will follow...and most times I actually feel better after I've run. Keep up the good work....