Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nike plus or Nano failed me again

I woke up late for my run today. That is nothing new for Saturdays. It is my one day I can sleep in so I do. But I got out at 11 am and ran. I decided to run to the beach front and back instead of to the park at back. I knew it would be about 4 miles. I seemed to be doing well. I checked my Nike+ (which runs on my Nano) to my Mapmyrun. At midpoint the Mapmyrun said 1.76 and my Nike+ only read 1.62. But about a 100 yards later, my music stopped playing and I looked down at my Nano and the screen was frozen. So I walked the next half mile in silence then decided to turn on the music on my Iphone. I don't know what I hit but apparently the Mapmyrun stopping calculating my run.

I love technology. I hate technology. When I got home and several hours later, my Nano was not frozen and it read run 1:14 minutes, distance 3.31. I was so happy I went to sync.....and nothing. nothing uploaded and nothing saved. It always disappoints me on my important runs. But all runs are important to me.

Anyway, thank goodness I could log it on mapmyrun because I can edit the run. It had the time right and length of run and the map shows the distance but the distance it is reading in total run is off, so I edited it. I also can depend on my Polar F6, which calculated 841 calories burned. Can I get an AMEN???? So I feel a little better but not much.

Ok first date night with my hubby in about 3 years and we are meeting my best friend and her boyfriend. I can't wait. I hope all is well in your running world.

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