Tuesday, May 12, 2009

See Fluffy Run

I am not new to blogging. I have blogged for years about scrapbooking but this is my first attempt at a running blog. I still giggle when I say those words.

You see, this isn't going to be your typical running blog. I am a fluffy gal that is full of life and a different perspective to this running thing. I don't wake up everymorning and just want to slap my running shoes on and go for a five mile run. Heck no!! I like comfort. I probably wouldn't be fluffy if I wasn't a comfort seeker. I realized that the other day, when I watched my daughter in a cross country event. You see, as some of the girls came by me, they looked tired and two of them puked and kept running. Can you believe it? You see, that is where I differ and may be you can relate. If I am excercising and feel nauseous? Well, then I stop right then and there. I pack up my things I see my sick feeling as a justification that I pushed top hard and need a few weeks rest.

Do you see the difference? All that talk about hitting a wall and pushing through....well that is just crazy to me. But here I am. Not because running gives me a rush but because of a twelve year old daughter that I want to build positive memories with. It is a lifetime habit that we can do together and hopefully one day when she has a son or daughter she can tell them about how grandma and her use to run together. As she tells them as she runs with them...and so a tradition starts.

Look, whatever your reason, your motivation for starting this journey...have one. Think about it while you run, walk, feel like you are about to throw up and take that long wanted week off of training. You will find the desire to keep training will over come your desire to go back to that comfort zone.
Another reason I want to do run is that I will turn forty in a few months and I want to increase my fabulosity before that day. Currently, I get winded running to the end of the block but I imagine running in different cities while on vacation with my daughter. I imagine running at Niagara on the Lake and in Mexico. ( I am sure the swine flu scare will be over by then.)

So here I am I am Fluffy. I am lovable, cuddly, and full of good things. I hope to share all my experiences with you, the good, the bad and the ugly. Stop by when you can. Leave a comment. a comment is always encouraging to a blogger.

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  1. Oh I am so glad I found you! I too have 4 children, and am starting out at running, and plan to run (walk? crawl?!) the London Marathon next year in memory of my father. I am loving your blog!