Thursday, May 14, 2009

Started Week Two Day 1 or W2D1

Hey Gang! Today I started Week 2 and I have to admit, I was pretty scared about starting. You see, I have repeated Week 1 about four times. And yes, it was hard but not too hard. I did it and I am glad that I did.

My Stats:

Distance: 3.23 km
Duration: 40'07"
Pace: 12;23"/km
Calories: 342.0
Avg HR: Unkown

Some things that I didn't expect:
  1. To be thrown for a loop because of the new music. I guess hearing the same songs over and over again became sort of a security blanket. But at the same time, I liked the new stuff.
  2. That my pace would slow down. Well it was my first day at the new week so I found myself doing a slower run and then you walk for two minutes instead of 60 seconds. Oh well
  3. That my shins and my calves would feel it. I have to remember to stretch before I run.
  4. That I would look forward to Britney Spears "Circus" as much as I did. It means that I have finished the Couch to 5K program and starting to walk/run at my own pace.

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