Monday, November 9, 2009

Tomorrow I will run

So I am pretty psyched. Tomorrow I run. I check my ankle everyday and test my range of motion. Considering all the walking I have done in the past few days and all the up and down the stairs...I feel I am ready.

My world has really changed in two weeks. During my hiatus, my husband took on a new job that has him away for quite a few hours, my daughter started year round swim and we have had a time change. Not to mention, I have started making tutorial videos for the Gypsy, a handheld design studio for paper crafters. So I am feeling out of sorts.

I really need to sit down and look at my schedule and prioritize the things that I do. I want running to be at the top of the list. Well running and work, oh and driving my daughter to her practices, oh yeah and making my videos..and don't forget paper crafting and yes the holidays. See what I mean? So hold me to it guys...I want to hear from you...I want you to scream at me...where is the run Fluffy?

On a side note: Here is the From the Inside Out Gang at the MS 5K. We were our shirts, inside out.

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