Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kemah MS 5K Walk/Run

We had a perfect day for a run yesterday. However, I am not completely healed yet so I did the 1 mile walk with some friends. Two of my friends have MS. One was diagnosed 20 years ago when she was in her twenties and the other was diagnosed about 9 years ago. She was also in her twenties. Looking at them, you can' t tell they have MS. They are beautiful and full of life.

Our team name was From the Inside Out. You see MS is weird that way. You can look completely normal on the outside while your body is at war with itself on the inside. You can be running a marathon one day and then be paralyzed on one side of the body the next. We had about 12 people on our team. I was going to run but my husband said I wasn't ready. And he was right. After walking the mile then going to Woofstock with my sister, my ankle was acting up again. So next week I will start out slow with just walking and go from there.

If you still haven't signed up for a 5K... get off your rear and do it. You see, I signed up for one and only walked 1 mile. So what? There will be more 5Ks? No one looked at me funny or felt sorry for me or talked about me. We all had a great time and built memories. So get out there and do it!


  1. Hey woman. Even though you are taking a rest and healing, you need to come check in with us on the HW board! We miss you!

  2. I know I know....get my mind in gear...I am trying to log on now and I seem to be stuck