Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Running with Reba

I really thought I wasn't going to get my run in today. I had planned to run after picking up my daughter from school. It was my understanding that another parent was going to drop off and pick up but no. I was dropping and the other parent was picking up. So I knew I was not going to have time to run before taking them, which means I would have to run in the dark.

Then I realized I don't have insect repellent and the mosquitoes were attacking me in the car. So I rush to drop the kids off and then rush to get repellent. Then I just cruise the streets looking for a park that is well lit. Apparently my area does not believe in being in parks after dark because none of them had lights.

So I came home and grabbed my biggest dog, which is my most psycho dog and went for a run in the neighborhood. Ya know, it is different when you are fighting a 45 pound dog and trying to force it to go forward. Oh, then she wants to chase rabbits and run from cars...it was very mentally taxing but I enjoyed it. And I think in the long run, so did she.

But I am worn. I have been on the go since 8 this morning and I am taking a short break to update my blog, read some forums..(Active.com is down again) and now I have to cook dinner and wash the sheets..and it is already 8PM. How does everyone do it?


  1. Its tough for us to get out in the morning with the longer workouts now. And since we have been doing it in the evenings, Im remembering very distinctly why we chose mornings in the first place. Its tough with the kids activities, with making supper and all that jazz to get the workout in even if you make it a priority!

  2. You know, Minnesota may get butt-freezing cold, but at least that puts an end to the mosquitos until late spring!