Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

In my other cyberworld, scrapbooking, we have this thing called Wordless Wednesday. It means every Wednesday we post a picture of a great photograph we took, a page that we are proud of completing or altered art we want to show off. So I thought I would start doing that in my fitness world. So today, yes I know this is not wordless, I am posting pictures of the trail. It is a trail that passes in front of my neighborhood and ends at a public beach about 2 miles away. Whenever I mention the trails in my post, this is what I am talking about. These are pictures are near the end of the trail when it hits Pine Gully Park. It is about 2.15 miles from my doorstep. So we turn around and head home and get 4.3 miles in for the day. Remember the beauty I spoke about? This is the beauty at the end of my beast. If I didn't bike or run, I wouldn't be able to feel the joy of seeing the water each day (once it gets cool again). Sure I could drive to the water, but I wouldn't appreciate it as much because it took little effort. What is your beauty at the end of your beast?


  1. how beautiful....are you on the ocean???

  2. Beautiful! And well-worded post Rozette!

  3. Yeah...well technically it is Galveston Bay that is part of the Gulf of Mexico, which is part of the Atlantic. LOL My house is 300 yards from the water but I cannot see it from my front door.