Thursday, July 16, 2009

100 days and my first 5K

I just picked up my packet for the Lunar Rendezvous 5k. I can't wait. I picked up my shirt and it is really big. I ordered the 2XL because I figures they were made for skinny mini runners and ran small. Boy was I wrong. It is huge but I don't care because it is mine. It is suppose to thunderstorm on Saturday. It figures. We go 80 days no rain and now we expect rain on the day of my first 5K. I guess I should be glad since lately the heat index is triple digits. This should cool it down a bit.

And yes, today is 100 days from the Muddy Buddy. Once I finish Couch to 5K, I will start really focusing on the biking. And yes, continue with the running. I love the running. I love saying, "I am a runner". Say it with me..."I am a runner!" Isn't it empowering?


  1. I AM A RUNNER!!!! I AM A RUNNER !!!! I know you are going to do great at your 5K tomorrow!! I'm so nervous about mine on Sunday. I hope your weather works out for you...either way...rain or shine...I know you will be awesome!!!

  2. I'll be up and running when you are probably Rozette. Remember to let us know how it goes!