Saturday, July 18, 2009

I finished my first 5K and lost to a three year old.

What a rush! I never had a moment that I didn't want to do this. I just wanted to get it over and wow what an amazing experience. I don't know if I ever shared but I am not a morning person so not only was this my first 5K but I was running earlier than I ever had in the past. My daughter ran this with me. If you ever read my very first post, this is why I am doing this. I want to build memories with her. After years of pushing her in a stroller when I went walking, years of having her next to me while I did walking on a treadmill, in these teenage years, I had become unfit and couldn't run to my neighbor's house. I had to change that. She was becoming a runner and I am too big for a stroller, so I had to get moving.
When we get to the Johnson Space Center we meet up with our friends from Bible Study, Dianne and her husband Kelly. They give us some more tips. We are runners in completely differently leagues. This is my first 5K and they have qualified and run the Boston Marathon. So I really value the time and attention they have given me and their words of encouragement. I get teary eyed just thinking about how wonderful they have been.

While they were doing a 20 minute warm up, I hear my name being called. My best friend in the world,Julissa,was there. She started running about 2-3 months ago. She started doing 5Ks about two months ago. So we are both new runners but she jumped in before me. I was so glad she was there. We have never run together. I have a confession. Some people have drinking buddies. People that for whatever reason, when they gather, they drink. Well she was my eating buddy. When we got together, it was an eating experience. For years it was Johnny Tamales. They knew us coming in the door and probably knew our order before we did. When she moved out of the area, we made it a point to find a new place to eat and chat. We knew we had a problem when my daughter became Pavlov's dog. As soon as she saw Julissa, she was hungry. We have decided to meet on the weekends, for 5Ks. Speak it into your life and act if you do, even when you don't and it will happen. We said that for years and here we were today at a 5K and in two weeks we will do another one.
So I didn't do a warm up walk and I should have. People were running as they past the Start line. I forgot that this was a race. I kept a pretty even pace. My goal: make sure there is someone always behind you and I succeeded. There were 70 year old women and another girl like me, fluffy that were behind me. I think for the first mile and half, there were 15 people behind me but at mile 2 this group of seniors passed me and the EMT guys were riding along side of me. Seriously, they rode next to me for all of mile 2. But none of that mattered. What mattered was the three year old that I spotted in the middle of mile two.

There he was walking along side his father. So cute, so young, so much my nemesis. You have got to be kidding me!?!?! He has been ahead of me this whole time? Oh no, I am picking up the pace. And that is how mile two and three went. I didn't focus on the seniors passing me or the water people shutting down near me. I focused on him. When he sped up, so did I. When he slowed down, I thanked God and slowed down. And then the unthinkable happened. His daddy picked him up and put him on his shoulders. Not fair!!! No one was here to pick me up and give me a rest. For 10 yards his father carried him. Sure it was only 10 yards but apparently that was all he needed because when his father put him down, he took off. And in a matter of minutes he was fleeting speck in front of me until I couldn't see them anymore.
So I was left to my own devices to push on. I listened to Lose Yourself about 4 times to push through the last mile. About 1/4 of mile from the finish I saw my daughter coming back for me. I wanted to cry but I learned from W5D3 that crying takes my breath away and I needed all the oxygen I could get. She smiled and stayed back. Somehow she knew that I loved the support but this was something that I needed to do alone. In one of the pictures, you see me in the tunnel and she is hanging back. As I rounded through the tunnel to the finish, they were all there: Dianne, Kelly, Julissa, Jan (her boyfriend) and my husband. As I passed them, I yelled, "If this was an endurance race....I would be the winner!!!

I have truly been bitten by the running bug. I can't wait to do my next one. Well, there is one in two weeks on the trails in front of my house but August is the hottest month for us. Julissa says she is doing it and that if I don't, I'll have to make breakfast for them. As much as I love food, I hate to cook. So looks like I am running. So my goal, find that three year old and beat him!! LOL
One a side note: The 1/2 mary here in January is closed. It hit max within hours of opening the registration. So we are thinking of doing the 1/2 mary in Austin....hills. hmmmm
Addedum to original post:
These are things I fogot to mention in my original post:
  • I find it very hard to drink from a cup while I am running. Most of the water ended up on my shirt.
  • I hate litter so I found it even harder to throw my cup down onto the ground after trying to drink from it
  • Tuesday was the firt time I ever walked/run 5K, on Saturday, during my 5K in the heat, outside, Joan Benoit Samuelson came over my Nike plus to congratulate me on my fasted mile ever!! so I recorded my best pace time...Can you believe it?


  1. Great pics and great job! I'm proud of you too!

  2. Nice pics!! I'm so proud of you!!!

  3. Great job! It's good to read a blog from another ample runner! Yay! I have a running blog too. Google Marshmarathon and you should find me!

  4. Hi my name is monica and Ive started reding your blogs and im getting inspired. I am trying to lose weight,I weigh 276 and my boyfriend is starting to drop hints that im getting to big for his "taste". Please tell me more about this couchto5k please.