Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Week 6 D3

Let me start by saying, I missed the Michael Jackson Memorial. I hear it was beautiful and I have caught bits and pieces on CNN. His children are beautiful. It is so easy to forget that to them, he was just a father. He was daddy. They probably have memories with him like we have with our fathers. Laughing, playing, and just passing time. May he finally have peace.

Well I did Week 6 Day 3 last night while I watched track and field on Universal Sports. Was it easy? Heck no!!! I wanted to stop at 5 minutes, 11 minutes, 14 minutes, 16 minutes, 19 minutes, 22 minutes and 24 minutes...and probably every minute in between. There were times that I really had to talk myself through it. I would say, "Come on.....do it.....come on....come on....don't stop." My husband must have thought I was crazy. I would review in my mind my first weeks of this program. I would review how I cried in week 2, wanted to quit in week three and how I wanted to quit now. But now I know, I can't listen to my mind. Sometimes it will lie to me.

I am reading Born to Run and I am really loving it. Well, when I say I am reading it, I mean I am listening to the audio book. The author mentions a female Ultra Runner who calls the pain and mental anguish she goes through during her runs, the Beast. She says she loves the Beast and loves when it appears because each time she finds new and better ways to deal with him. Good analogy. I like it and will think about it when I run.

It felt good to go against my beast and win. I was drenched in sweat and felt alive. However, on a side note... I have to figure out a different way to wash my bras. They are fine until they are drenched and then they just smell funky. I tried washing in hot water, cold water and just soaking them and still....funkified. Any suggestions?


  1. Scrap - - I love the beast analogy...how true it is...we've been battling our beast all along and we have prevailed through the sweat and tears!! Perhaps your funkified bra issue has to do with how you dry them, not how you wash them. Do you put them in the dryer? If so, do they dry all the way before the dryer stops? I found that if my work out clothes are still alittle damp and they sit in there even for 20 minutes before I realize it and turn it back on and finish drying, they are funky as soon as I get sweaty. However, with that said...I never put my bras in the dryer...my mother always told me that they would lose "strength" if I put them in the dryer and Lord knows I need all the support I can get!

  2. So Kris...do I put them in the dryer longer or not at all?

  3. I love the beast analogy. I was doing the same thing you did in my last 2 runs. I wanted to stop almost the whole run. I made it through the 25 minute runs but it was very difficult. I don't know if it gets any easier but we will do this. I keep trying to remember what every step is doing for my heart and my health. Keep up the good work!!

  4. I love the beast analogy too. I talk to myself too. People probably think I'm crazy. Maybe they think I am singing along to the ipod, LOL! I asked the question on the WW boards last week, When does it get easier? I realized I still have to talk myself through it, but it is easier! Maybe this is just part of it....maybe everyone feels this way. We just don't get that honest with each other usually to discuss the things that are difficult.

    I'm glad you did it. On to week 7, it is all downhill from here! Really, you've made it through the hardest part!

  5. I am still on Week 2. I saw some sports detergent (think it was Penguin Sport-Wash) at Kroger that is for the technical, wicking fabric. Wonder if that would work on bras?