Thursday, October 29, 2009

Warning: Running causes you to have more energy

Now normally I would consider that a positive outcome to running. You can do more with your family, keep a cleaner house, more energy for other hobbies, and yes, more energy for running. Gone are the days where I sleep for two hours after I get off of work. Wake up feeling dazed and confused and go buy some fast food to feed my family. Then, I would succumb to the drunken feeling from the carbs and fatty foods and go back to sleep.

No, those lazy hazy days are over for me. I rarely take a nap, unless I stayed up all night on the computer and had to wake up at the crack of dawn. Gone are the days when Whataburger was a delicious meal. No, now I love lighter things and I love that I am not left feeling drugged after eating them. I love that I have energy to do all my favorite things.

Unless....I have a bummed ankle and can't do much walking. Then it just drives me crazy. I can't just sit anymore. So I try to do housework, since I can't run...but that requires moving about. I can't craft because my craft room is in the bonus room, which is upstairs. I can't run because I can't really walk yet. So I am left to my computer and TV. Hopefully I can become a street walker this weekend and do some trick or treating.

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  1. I hope your ankle is better soon!!! Don't try to do too much too don't want to make it worse!!