Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot and Steamy VS Cold and Wet

Someone posed the question, do you prefer to run when it is hot and steamy or when it is cold and wet. I have decided I prefer cold and wet. I ran today in a muggy 94 degrees and it was not fun. The humidity just seemed to weigh me down. And the mosquitoes, oh my goodness, they were so bad. You know my feeling about them...hey if they suck enough blood, maybe it will show on the scale as a drop in weight. I'm kidding.

We really didn't run today. It was really just a fast walk, which for me is a regular walk. But it felt good to get out and I am not going to become a running snob. I can go for walks and not feel defeated or less than. And when I see someone walking, I am not going to think less than them either. They are out there doing their thing. Good for them. It is better than my years sitting couped up in my house just watching TV or scrapbooking. Now, I am not saying to throw away your TV or stop your hobbies. Just do them in moderation if they require you to sit for hours at a time.

So, as I write this, I am listening to my playlist at playlist.com. It is all my running music. If you are ever in a rut and don't feel like running, surround yourself with running things. Have your playlist playing at work. If you can change your screen saver or desktop to something customized, change it to something inspiring. Have your workout clothes laid out somewhere visible. And if all else fails, go buy something cute to wear when you run. Nothing inspires me more than a cute Tee or pants. Heck in can be shoelaces or a headband. Check in with your running friends. If you don't have any, make some.

Happy Running!

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