Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I ran!

You know, I went for months, dare I say, years, without working out and now a few days and I just feel out of sorts. Sure I went to the gym a few times last week but I didn't run. And I missed it dearly. So today after a few bumps in the morning, I was able to get my run on. So why is my mini acting like I haven't ran?!?!? I ran this morning but I fear my mini so much, that I feel a need to run again tomorrow morning...eventhough I am not suppose to run. But I am glad I ran this morning.

It gave me time to reflect over my past week. I loved seeing my family and getting ready for the new school year, just not at the same time. So getting out and turning on my Nano and just hitting the paths near my home was relaxing. I know, I know...how can running be relaxing? I can't explain it but it is, even for this fluffy gal. So what are you waiting for?


  1. Funny how that is, huh? Guess it's easy to get addicted to endorphins!! :-)

  2. I'm the same way....if my running routine gets interrupted (like it did recently), I start to get a little 'out of sorts' and feel not strong, not 'together' and just overall, lost! It's funny though, because sometimes running is not 'fun', and yet, I do it anyway! Go figure!

    Go Run! :-)

  3. Glad you got to run. I know the feeling! Your mini is talking some smack....you need to smack talk back with some runs, LOL!

  4. I know that is crazy! I ran yesterday morning. I can't wait to run tomorrow so that I can tell it to shut up! LOL