Monday, August 31, 2009

The Battle of Seabrook

We have all faced different battles in our lives. Some have faced the battle of the bulge. Others battle insecurity or negative, destructive thoughts. Our country is in the midst of a universal health care battle. Our troops are fighting in a battle in the middle east. Today I faced my own battle. The Battle of Seabrook. I am a native to this territory so you would think I would have been prepared for this battle. I know my enemy well. I have lived among them for years. Each evening, our front line troops drive around conducting air raids on them. I do my best to keep my home secure from them. When one infiltrates my battalion I go into hand to hand combat with them. Like a Ninja, I sneak up on them and try to destroy them before they even know I am within reach. Yes, I know my enemy well
So what happened? How did I lose this one? I forgot that my only defense against my enemy, while I invade their territory is chemical warfare. I forgot my repellent. So as I ran through the woods, I looked all around me and the air was black with little jet fighters attacking me. My only defense at this point was to run faster and sprinkle my drinking water on them. I thought I was doing well until I got home and my husband took pictures of the back of my legs. It was total annihilation of my legs. I am sure the enemy left with alot of my blood. Should I be concerned about needing a blood transfusion? Just kidding.
But seriously, this was a big mistake. I thought about putting repellent on my legs but I was so anxious to get out and run that I dismissed it. And now here I am with welts. I knew better. I live in swamp area and it had rained on Friday and Saturday. The skeeter trucks didn't come by on Sunday so I knew there would be thousands of those buggers flying around.

But I am proud of myself. A few months ago, I would have turned around the moment I saw the first skeeter. I would have become upset and just quit. But I didn't. As a matter of fact, those moments when I looked down and saw 30 or more skeeters on my legs, I just ran faster. I looked like a commercial for OFF...only I was the unlucky person being eaten alive by skeeters.
So I lost the battle of Seabrook. But I learned my lesson.



  1. OMG Rozette!!! I'm itchy just looking at that picture!!! Luckily I ran while it was still light and there weren't any skeeters out. I'm not sure I would have continued on myself with that enemy out to get me....but these skeeters didn't know who they were dealing with...I'm not so sure you lost here....I hope you aren't too itchy today....

  2. Oh, you're my hero! I would've gone home! You make me itch just to see that!

  3. Yes and apparently when you spray all over your body and run through the woods....they attack your face...that is what happened today.