Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Here's to bad runs

Here's to bad runs.  May you always have them so that when you have a great run..... You'll know it.   That is what I had today,  a great run.  You wanna know how I know it?  Because so many runs were bad.  Today I took off 30 minutes later than I wanted.  The sun beat me out of bed and like a bully waiting for is next victim,  it beat down on me the whole run.  But today was a good run.

It started out with vanity,  not a good thing.  I walked out of my house and planned to do my usual 5 minute warm up walk like I was taught in couch to 5K, when I saw. My neighbor come out of his house. I wanted him to know I was running and not walking today so I just took off.  And man did I take off.  I was doing a sub 11 minute mile.  Now to some of you that is slow.  But to me, well that is Speedy Gonzales speed.

I thought it was a fluke so on my next run,  I told myself to slow down and I did.  But I knew I had more in me so the next run,  I pushed it.  Then I pushed it again.  And I kept pushing it until I realized it was really hot and I have nothing left for my 30 minute easy run.  I didn't care.  It felt great to fly down the trails.  Everything femme in sync.  I wasn't dragging my feet or slouching.  My shoulders were relaxed I was leaning ever so slightly forward. It just felt natural.

So here's to the the bad runs.  If I had given up and told myself that maybe I wasn't meant to run and the bad runs just confirmed it,  then I would have never made it to this run. So if you have a bad run that's okay.  Heck of you have several bad runs that's ok.  Because one day you are going to have that great run and it will all be worth it.  Sure you may have another song of bad runs afterwards but the experience of the good one will have you wanting more.

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