Monday, June 17, 2013

A great day for the Reyes girls!

Sure my sister's last name is Sandoval, mine is Peckham and my daughter's is Vera but deep down the blood that binds us is the Reyes blood.  This was the first run we did together.  I ran the 5K.  My daughter and sister ran the 10K.  We are all runners but each was on their own path and a different place in their journey.  Which just takes all kinds.

Age: 56
Employment:  Retired
Activity:  Active her whole life with skiing, yoga, aerobics, water aerobics, biking, spinning and Zumba just to name a few. 
Running experience:  Started last year in a beginners clinic and ran a 10K before being injured and sidelined.  Redid the beginning clinic again and this was her first race of the season.
Goal for this run:  Finish

Age: 17
Employment:  High School Student
Activity: Swimmer since the 4th grade, water polo, cross country, track, any cross fit like training
Running experience:  Started running in 8th grade, doing it off and on for the past years
Goal for Funfest:  just finish without dying

Age: 43
Employement:  self employed
Activity:  Some soccer in highschool, weight lifting and light cardio in my 30's, roller blading
Running experience:  Completed Couch to 5K in 2009, ran a few 5Ks and just recently started C25K again
Goal for Funfest:  Finish

We each had different reasons for being there but at the same time we all were glad that this run was our first family run.  I enjoyed training with my sister, Bel,  the week before.  She is such an amazing person.  She is an encourager and a coach. She watches my posture, my feet dragging and my pace and she is always praising me.  It comes natural to her.  So natural that sometime during her run, she made a new friend and encouraged and supported her to the end.  You would have thought they had been friends for years after they crossed the finish line...nope they met during the run. Gabrielle was so laid back. She went to bed in her running clothes and when I woke her up, she brushed her teeth, grabbed her shoes and water and got in the car.  Her only comment about the race? "You and aunt Bel are talking HRM, pace, fueling, proper clothing and here I am in a cut up cotton t-shirt, old gym shorts and a bottle of water.  I hope I don't pass out."  Pass out?  That girl took second place for her age group.  She was so surprised when she went to see her time.  As for me, I think I was ready and I was surprised at how comfortable I felt.  And to my surprise, as soon as the clock came into view, I noticed that if I turned it on, I may end in less than 50 minutes...a first official time for me that was below 50. 

I can't wait to do more races with my family.  That has always been my dream.  My very first post talks about my dream to run with my daughter.  When she was only a toddler, I would take her in the jogging stroller while I ran or roller bladed.  I wanted to be one of those parents that instilled the importance of fitness into their child by doing it with them.  Somewhere along the way I lost sight of that goal. But on the way home from Funfest Run, my daughter said she was glad we started doing this. That she always wanted  to do things with me and was sort of mad at me for quitting before.  She wanted this to be our thing.  And it looks like it is.

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