Saturday, June 1, 2013

June's Challenge

Our June challenge has been posted. Please feel free to play along.
  1. Run Everyday.  Ok this one hits on my lack of time management skills when it comes to personal goals. I have a tendency to put everyone ahead of me.  If I have time left at the end of the day to do my things, then I do them.  But this month I must put myself first everyday.
  2. Eat Clean.  Well at first I thought this was going to be easy.  Wash your food and you can't eat anything that fell on the floor and was not picked up within 5 seconds.  I'm kidding.  I had no idea what is considered clean eating. I have heard those buzz words alot these past few months but had no idea.  I still don't know since googling it pulls up several interpretations of it.
  3. Run a  timed 5K  We will do another 5K this month. We have been encouraged to run the whole thing.  I am interval training so that is how I will run it.  It will be interesting to see if I shave off any more time this month.  I would love to be in the high 30's at the end of this month.
  4. Complete 30 day squat challenge.  I am really loving this challenge and may redo again when this 30 days is over. 
As always, please feel free to play along and let me know how you are doing.  If you want to see how everyone else is holding up in the challenge, you can click a link to their blogs on the right.

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