Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm Tired The good and the bad

So Saturday I set out for a quick four miles. I was having breakfast with my sister and my dad so I didn't have much time to wog (walking + jogging). So I went out for a quick one. I felt as if I was flying. Despite the heat, I had so much energy. I was keeping up with some others on the trail and really enjoying my playlist. Who knew it could be this easy?

Well on Sunday I think I was scared of the mileage that was scheduled: 10 miles. So I got up before church and did the yard. I am sure the neighbors appreciated the lawn mower so early in the morning but it had to be done and I needed a reason to not do 10 miles. The idea of a double digit run just scares me but I need to do it.

So today I did 4 miles. The good news is that I did 4 miles instead of the scheduled 3 miles. I think I was feeling guilty about missing my run on Sunday. So I went out and got going. As I left the house, my legs felt like lead. I thought they would feel better after a mile or so but no. They just felt heavier. I felt heavy. I giggle at that statement. Fluffy feels heavy. Anyway, as I trudge down the trails I start to sing to myself "I'm Tired" as sung by Lilly Von Schtupp in Blazing Saddles. I even have the accent down as I trudge alone. And I am going slow..to the pace of the song and I look down and my HRM states I need to raise my HR but I'm Tired....Tired of running the trail....just so tired.

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  1. I get ya...I feel ya....but 20 miles for 3 days...you gotta train and be ready!