Thursday, June 3, 2010

If LoseIt is my confessional then this is my Praise Report

It is taken me over a week to come to terms with what I was eating and what I could do to change it. But this data junkie is turning this LoseIt app into a game. My inner nerd loves this application. I usually hate tracking my food. But I love charts and reports and I love to problem solve. And I get to satisfy all these needs with LoseIt.

As soon as I eat something, I run to my application and add it to my log. I then go to my PC and look at all the reports. How many fats have I had today or carbs? What is my favorite food? (And by the way...your favorite food should NOT be chocolate cake. I am just saying.) If I want to keep my meals to about 300-350 calories, then I problem solve. What vegetable can I have with a protein with complex carb that won't go over my limit...and will it taste good when combined?

The weird thing? I am finding my old self. This is a good thing. Every once and a while I have a glimpse of this gal that loved cucumbers instead of fries with her sandwich or turkey burger. I loved stuffed bell peppers that were baked and filled with seasoned turkey meat. I loved my treadmill and Pilate's videos and I really loved weights. I loved egg whites with bell pepper. Oh, and instead of tortillas, I used lettuce leaves to make tacos. I didn't even have sugar in the house and we drank Crystal Light and water. I don't know what happened over the last few years but something did and with it came all these bad habits.

But I am here to share my praise report, aren't I? I am hitting my calorie targets and quite a few times I am below it. I am working out daily and I don't feel hungry. Isn't that great? I don't feel like I am on a diet and I feel like I am living life. And I love all my new friends on the loseit application. I love seeing their progress and what kind of activities they are doing. I love that we can send eachother pats on the back or ask questions to each other.

I have also started to do 100 push up challenge. It is another application for the IPhone. I love my IPhone. I would really love an IPad but I digress...I can't get off topic. And my hubby and I are going to the gym daily. Ok, so it has only been twice but i t was twice in a row. :)

And to my lovely running friend Kris, good luck this weekend at your first 1/2 mary. I am so proud of you. You have worked hard for this and you are truly an inspiration to all of us. You have a full schedule with work, kids, wrestling and husband and yet you have chosen to make your health a priority. Enjoy your mary and don't forget to have someone take pics to share with us.


  1. I'm kind of a nerd too. I love looking at the charts, running numbers to see how I should divide my calories to have them spread equally through the day, and all that good stuff. But my nerdiest thing? I run the numbers each time I weigh in to see how many pounds of fat I have, how many I lost during the past week, what percentage of my current weight loss has been fat, and on and on. *sigh* It's nice to find a fellow nerd. ^.^

  2. Rozette - thanks so much for the well wishes. I must admit I am quite nervous about my race but I know I need to trust my training and just keep moving. They will have photographers there...not so sure I'm happy that...but I've learned from past experience not to rely on my hubby or kids to get a simple snapshot of me running.

    Just want you to know I've missed you on the HWT board...feel free to come back anytime...running or not...your input is valuable...keep up the great work!!

    Kris :)