Monday, May 24, 2010

Forgive me LoseIt, I have sinned...

I would like to think that something is wrong with my metabolism. That somehow, genetically, I have been created to collect fat and not disperse it. But this past week I started to take inventory of my intake versus my out take. And guess what? I eat too much.

I started to use the application for the IPhone, Loseit. I am able to track all my calories, make friends on the LoseIt forum and see how they are doing. In other words, we have our own confessional where we can confess our sins (when we indulge) or our praise reports (when we eat within budget). It is my first day with friends so I can't tell you how it is going. But I can tell you it is scary. For someone that struggles with eating, letting someone see how I am doing is like airing your dirty laundry for everyone to see.

While taking inventory, I discovered that I eat about 300 calories too much per day to lose weight. And this is when I am trying to be good. I have my LoseIt set up to lose 1.5 pounds per week. So I am allowed 1888 calories per day. If that is all I take in and don't work out then I will, in theory, lose 1.5 pounds per week. However, since I am going over about 300 per day (on average) I realize I am just maintaining....unless I start to work out.

I didn't do much last week after my calf injury. It was an excuse and not a reason. I could have done other things but I CHOSE to do nothing. I know that . There, it is out there. I CHOSE to do nothing. I can't blame painting my daughters room or too many things to do. I CHOSE not to take the time.

But I am a data person and this LoseIt gives me data and it is encouraging to know that if I eat like I have been and add biking or running, I will lose weight. Oh and there is one more thing. I can't stop at Donalds Donuts after church and eat four donuts and a bacon/egg croissant. I didn't eat them all at once but we brought them home and I ate them all day long. Four donuts are 1389 calories! That is crazy! and so not worth it. But now I know. And knowing is half the battle...go Joe! (sorry..unless you ever watched GI Joe, the cartoon, you have no reference for GI Joe).


  1. I so feel your pain....I'm struggling to get back on track and find what works for me too. Good to see you!

  2. You're right, Lose It! is sort of like a weight loss confessional. It helps keep me in check, because I'll see something I want, but then I'll think, this will put me over my calories. I haven't been over calories yet. And over 20 people will be witness to it. I think I'll pass. ^.^

  3. I'm happy to find your blog :)
    I hadn't thought of lose it! as being a confessional but you are right. I've gone over my calories a few times. But I've been experimenting with different foods and seeing what I can eat.
    I've found things that help keep me full. I also chew a LOT of gum.
    I think you are doing great. Together we can do this!

  4. Ahh thanks everyone! I am loving losing it!