Sunday, July 14, 2013

Changes : Wonderful Positive Changes

When you start running you expect there will be changes in your life.  I know I did.  Well in 2009 I didn't expect anything but each week I surprised myself.  I learned that you can want to run when you are bored.
I learned that you will have good runs and bad runs.  I learned that the first 8 minutes are always brutal for me.  Notice that all of these are self life changes.  

Well now I am starting to see family life changes. Here are a few you have already seen.
  1. Spend more time with my sister.  As a runner, she and I spend more time together because we run and do other activities together.
  2. Spend more time with my daughter.   I now go to a gym, we experienced spinning together and yoga...and then we run.  She sent me a text last week stating she was happy that we are doing things together.  She loves spending time with me doing active things.
  3. My daughter is getting close to my sister and my brother in law, George.  She said for the first time she feels close to any of her aunts and uncles.  She says she feels like she really has an extended family.  She is more athletic than me and my sister so her goal:  Beat Uncle George.  She better watch out, Uncle George is pretty competitive.
  4. But the most unexpected one happened yesterday.  For weeks I have asked my husband if he would like to go with me to Saturday group run.  He says no.  Last week he said yes but then backed out on Friday night.  But yesterday, yesterday...he got up before I did, prepared our cooler and cool towels and ran with us.  He was in my sister's group and they were impressed.  He hasn't run in 14 years but you couldn't tell that by his gait. He has a beautiful Gazelle like gait.  He would run past my sister and then walk for a couple of minutes and then he would take off again.  He signed up for a 5K, bought some running shorts and shirt and today he said he wanted to go for a run.  

From left to right:  Brother in law and my husband
It has been a ripple effect of changes: wonderful, positive changes.

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