Friday, March 26, 2010

It finally feels like Spring and the Psycho Dog

Can you believe it!?!? It was 67 degrees yesterday and low humidity. So I went for a run outside: Good idea. I took Reba, my dog with me: Bad Idea.

It has been quite a while since I ran outside, so I wanted to take her because she really picks up my pace. Well, she must have short term memory because every little noise, person, car, piece of paper flying in the air just freaked her out. So she ran fast alright but in every direction. Sometimes I was being pulled forward. Sometimes I was being pulled backwards and sometimes I was being pulled sideways. It just depended where she believed she saw something scary. And then for some reason, right before we hit the midpoint, she freaked out and ran all the way home, while dragging me behind her.

Freaky dog. She remembers I use to take her for runs. It is quite funny to watch her. As soon as she sees me grab some of my running attire she starts jumping up and down and running to the hook on the door where I keep her leash. And by running attire I mean, running bra or shorts or heartrate monitor or Ipod. How she can tell my running bra from my regular bra, I have no idea. But she does. So she jumps up and down and anything that resembles a leash or collar, like my headband, she tries to put her head through it. But as soon as we get outside, she goes crazy. It is like she forgets what it is like to be outside and everything spooks her. And as soon as she sees the house, she bolts for the front door to get back inside. I think that is the only time I hit a 10 minute mile, on the way to the front door from the end of our street.

The good news is that my neighbors must think I run a 10 minute mile the whole time. When I leave the house she bolts towards the trails and I am dragged at a 10 minute mile, then she bolts to get to the front door when we get back. They don't see all the struggles I have with her while on the trails.

On a side note: A few weeks ago or maybe a month or two, I had to restore my computer. In the process, I had to restore my Itunes. When I sync my IPhone, everything seems fine but I have not synced my Ipod with my Nike plus on it. My fear is that my Nike plus will not sync. So I am going to sync right now. If my little person doesn't update, pray for my sanity because I hate losing runs. If she updates: well then no prayers needed. :)

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