Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1.6 miles...if I only knew

I have to admit that today's run was a surprise. I woke up late and never chose the time to run. But at 3:55pm my friend, Mari, came by my house and wanted to know why I was ignoring her. I really wasn't. In fact, I called her and left messages on her phone.

In any case, she was dressed to run in her Vibram 5 fingers. They looked so cool. I want some. She said it was sorta difficult to run on the trail with them. She found it easier to run the grass next to the trail. But at the end of the run she said the bottom of her feet were a bit sore but her back was not. This is a good thing. She had an accident a few years ago that left her with back pain when she tried to do any walking or running. But she read Born to Run and she was convinced barefoot running was the way to go. So do I but I am chicken. Anyway, she did it and she liked it.

I did my normal course for the trails and ended up with a 2.11 mile run. It felt so good. It was weather like today that confirms to me that I love Seabrook for the mild winters. It was 65 degrees and low humidity. The sun was shining and a small breeze was blowing. Isn't' that perfect? I think so, too. But if I knew I was only 1.6 miles away from crossing the 200 mile threshold, I would have ran some more. Well, I run again on Friday so get ready to celebrate!


  1. I'm so jealous of your winter temp! I'm in Nebraska so you can pretty much guess what my winter runs have been like!

  2. Actually...being in Texas...I have heard of cold weather but have no clue what it feels like. LOL