Saturday, April 6, 2013

C25K W1D2 Becky Look at her Butt

I woke up this morning tired. So tired that it was 11 am before I actually opened my eyes.  Woman Problem Alert! (if your a guy...skip to the next paragraph).  That first day of my monthly is tortuous.  I am lethargic and can barely get out of bed.  It reminds me of the days of chemo.  When I took chemo I would get hooked up on Friday and carried a fanny pack full of toxic meds until Sunday morning. Then on Sunday morning I would drive to my doctor's office and get unplugged and someone else would have to drive home. I don't know what it was about being unhooked but the moment the needle was pulled from my port in my chest, all my energy was gone and I would just sleep for three days.  Well that is how my  first day of my monthly feels. I feel zapped and have a difficult time getting out of bed.  So at 11 am today, my eyes opened for the first time. I performed my daily ritual of reading my emails

Hey guys, we are back.  Ok where was I?  Oh yes, I was reading my emails when I received a notice that a blog I found the other day, had a new post.  Her blog is The Fat Girls Guide to  Running"  She started to go for a run today when some stranger slapped her bootie and stopped her run.  So I asked myself, "What would Jesus do?"....kidding.  Unfortunately, my mind's first thought is "what would the flesh, aka I, do?" Well, I would slap his bum and say "right back at ya" and smile.  I am always looking for the shock factor. So I left a comment on her blog and jumped out of bed.

I decided I was going to go out and run for the both of us and I was going to do it boldly...enter the return to the 80s fashion.  You see, last night on my way home from Bible Study, I stopped at Target.  I needed new running attire and I am quite fond of the C9 by Champion collection that Target carries.  So, last night I bought me another pair of running carpi's and three bright colored shirts.

The shirts are not as flattering as I had hoped but they serve their purpose (cover the boobs and wick). The bonus is that they are bright and they stand out. There is no hiding or blending in with the scenery in these tops. You could see me from a mile away and it wasn't because of my size.   :) As a matter of fact, my daughter started her run about 10 minutes after mine and she said she could see my bright orange shirt in the distance. (I love it!)

As I went through my C25K intervals and listened to my music, her blog post kept going through my head.  And as I thought about it, I was more aware of my jiggling of my bootie. I don't wear compression shorts or pants, well at least not today.  So I felt each jolt of the cheeks as they bobbed up down and side to side with each stride, especially during the running intervals.  I tried to imagine what it looked like from behind.  However, my concentration was interrupted by a song on my running playlist, I Got it From My Momma.  And all of a sudden it didn't matter what it looked like.  I owned it and it was mine.  

I have my mother's hour glass figure.  My mother is a beautiful lady.  She has big beautiful brown eyes and a radiant smile and an hourglass figure.  She is not secure in her own skin and worries what others think about it.  The funny thing is that when I think of my mother, I don't think in terms of size.  If I think about her physically, I think about her brown eyes, smile and her hourglass figure.  I happen to think hourglass is a very flattering shape and I feel blessed that I got it from my momma.   Well, that thought was interrupted by Sir Mix Alots Baby got Back.  And I just love the beginning.."Oh my God Becky, look at her butt, its so big..she looks like one of those rap star's girlfriends..."  I don't care who is near me or how winded I am , I join in with a loud nasal voice and mimic them. And when he says, "I like big butts and I cannot lie.." for some reason I just take off and run.  There is something motivational about someone singing a praise to the big bottom girls.  

When I hear the praise, I no longer focus on the jiggle but focus on the fact that I love my bootie. Big or small, it is mine. So let it jiggle, let it sway, honey, I was made this way.  

So thank you Sir Mix Alot.  Yes, I do have a big butt and I cannot lie.  Thank you for reminding me that being big bottomed is more than okay.  So embrace it, shake it, Baby Got Back!


  1. HAHA! I love this! Don't forget Freddy Mercury's ever-lovely homage to "Fat Bottomed Girls"! It's a must have on my training playlists, and I sing along every time.

  2. AHHHH...yes...need to go download that one! THanks for the tip!